Answer Me - Six Ukulele Love Songs about Monsters and Demons, Intelligent Machines and Ignorant People - Jakob Burrows

6 track ukulele ep - released 2 feb 2012

Answer Me is a collection of six simple little love songs played on the ukulele, with lyrics about monsters and demons, intelligent machines and ignorant people. There are music videos for the first two tracks as well as various video versions of all the other songs. You can read about how I wrote this EP here and see behind the scenes stuff from the Answer Me music video here.

  1. Answer Me (video / lyrics)
  2. Feet (video / lyrics)
  3. Katherine (video / lyrics)
  4. The Machine (video / lyrics)
  5. Worst Love Song (video / lyrics)
  6. #79 (video / lyrics)

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Answer Me


Worst Love Song

And as mentioned above there are video versions of the other tracks too but web browsers tend to crash when you embed too many videos...

Anyway, thanks for listening, hope you liked it!

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