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Calle & Anders

This is a series of documentary videos made by Jakob Burrows, showing the absurd everyday conversations between Calle Wikstrand and Anders Backlund. The show is not scripted - Calle and Anders are actually like this. It's in Swedish, but has English subtitles that you can switch on using the "CC" button in the lower right corner of the video player.

  1. På en öde ö (2008)

  2. Att äta en arm (2008)

  3. På nya äventyr i diket (2009)

  4. Jag har skräck (2009)


  6. Jysk

  7. Pengapistolen

  8. Islands Finanskris (2010)

  9. Historisk Mark (2011)

  10. Absinthe (2012)

1 - På en öde ö

(On a desert island)

An animated discussion about what we would eat if we were trapped on a desert island. Apparantly some of the alternatives are 1) Ten living babies, 2) Twenty dead babies, and 3) Kuprik, a chef that we all know. The very first episode of Calle & Anders was recorded at the very end of 2008.

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2 - Att äta en arm

(To Eat an Arm)

Calle expresses his constant fear of Anders' cannibalistic urges. Recorded at the same time as episode one, as you might guess. NOTE THAT THIS VIDEO DOES NOT HAVE SUBTITLES
(all the others do though, so keep moving!).

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3 - På nya äventyr i diket

(On new adventures in the ditch)

This was filmed on the 25th of January 2009, but non-swedes should know that this is basically Sweden at ANY time of year.

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4 - Jag har skräck

(i have fear)

Playing with toy weapons and discussing grammer.

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Calle is bored, and decides to annoy Anders for fun. Things escalate.

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6 - Jysk


Jysk Bäddlager is a small Swedish company that makes furniture, and for some reason Anders is convinced that it is bigger than it actually is.

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7 - Pengapistolen

(The Money Gun)

"So what would be the BEST way to catch a t-rex?"

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8 - Islands Finanskris

(The Icelandic Financial Crisis)

The world of art gives us a unique view into the mind of Anders and the mind of Calle.

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9 - Historisk Mark

(Historic Ground)

How did Mozart die? Where did the Swedish game Kubb really come from? Is Anders a Witch?? All these questions and more are answered in this episode of Calle & Anders.

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10 - Absinthe (Calle & Jakob)

Good friends, good times. This could almost be an ad for absinthe, in fact. This was recorded almost a year ago. I find it incredibly uplifting at times!

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