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Hourly Comics


Hourly comics take journal comics to their monotonous extreme. You make a quick autobiographical comic every hour, about that hour. They were invented by John Campbell. Inspired by him, I made hourly comics in July 2008-2011, plus the first day of every month until 2015. This makes for a total of 189 days - about 3,000 tiny little stories about my life.


  1. 080701: first, future-jakob, nofx, cat food, webcomic, towel, php, oliver, brian, inger, anders, ducks
  2. 080702: panthology, review, fight club, peter petrelli, heroes, cookies, super power, newpaper, dream, caravan, pants, paranoid, mass effect, inger, brian
  3. 080703: mass effect, monkey island, john campbell, rule britannia, tea, wake up, alcohol, merman, pancakes, inger, brian, anders, lasse, ajger, erika, jimmy, niklas, max
  4. 080704: sneeze, mass effect, tea, scanning, daft punk, shower, shave, clothes, webcomic, grill-off, preview, awesome planet, calle, anders
  5. 080705: wide panels, technologic, daft punk, click, mouse, future-jakob, insects, webdesign, grocery store, oliver, calle, anders, breaking bad,
  6. 080706: rss, webdesign, doctor who, dream, inger, computer, ravenous, calle, anders, henke, tea, no internet
  7. 080707: storyboarding, josé gonzález, notepad, dream, emil, sms, tea, peanuts, inger, brian, dinner, glasses, costume party, rome, caesar,
  8. 080708: bucket list, morgan freeman, tea, potter puppet pals, emil, phone, shower, costumes, scanning, neo, matric, texas chainsaw, william wallace, bert, boondock saints, flogging molly, silly, dr cox, minnie mouse, lap dance, bunny girl, leia, kill bill girl,
  9. 080709: jarjar binks, hitman, make out, little red riding hood, dance, ironically, conga line, harry potter trivia, toothpaste, scan, edit, refresh, south park, towlie, noodles, cats, martin, flying spaghetti monster, invisible pink unicorn
  10. 080710: digital comics, wikipedia, stumbleupon, tea, chocolate, cookies, experimentation, intertubes, paper, dream, john cleese, baseball bat, beating balloons, prison, caravan, tea, cereal, brinner, store, html, php, css, fisherman's friend, oliver, licence,
  11. 080711: sound effects, popcorn, monty python, surreal webcomics, dream, awesome planet, alcohol, inger, mp3-player, oliver, fishsticks, tea, emil, cat, pokemon, bulbasaur, counter strike
  12. 080712: popcorn, anders, calle, emil, reboot, product placement, sequential artist's pub, podcast, his dark materials, cast page, record, dishwasher, paper, japanese roleplaying-cafés, hail pizzeria, bible, piano, tea, alternative universes, possible futures
  13. 080713: wizard people dear readers, sellable-fantasy story, talking cat, grocery store, crisps, pancakes
  14. 080714: unhitched, inspiration, grill-off preparation, ievan polkka, shower, shave, calle, haircut, max, tea-party, johan is awesome
  15. 080715: iPhone, trivial pursuit, random terrible anime, webdesign, golden spatula, grill-off 2008, johan, jimmy, binder, calle m, niklas, henke, oscar, ellen, tobbe, lawn mower, jaws III
  16. 080716: south park, scanning, webdesign, dishes, grocery store, tobbe's studio, anders is full of lies, henke, calle, halo,
  17. 080717: semicolons, ansgar, danne, wake up, dream, phone salesman, calle, anders
  18. 080718: angus, webdesign, tea, the subtle knife, rubrix cube, awesome planet, henke, be kind rewind
  19. 080719: be kind rewind, dödsguden, bad anime, uncle, tanguy ukulele,
  20. 080720: jenny everywhere
  21. 080721: no words, dream
  22. 080722: no words, religion, dream, bono, tobbe's studio, thea, super mario party 64,
  23. 080723: studio, jay, dream, horrible mood, phone, uncle, military secrets, the quest for anders, jabberwacky the talking bot, flyswatter
  24. 080724: batman the dark knight, cinema, moth entrails, anders loves maria, pathetic, amazing super powers, css, shower & shave, batmobile,
  25. 080725: underdog the movie, anagrams, mass effect, watermelon, italian performance, drums, trumpets, flags, morris dancing, graves, wok, draw
  26. 080726: stumbling, ukulele, fly-hunting, mas effect, guest room, paint, car broken down, computer crash, doctor who, dancing, keeping mum
  27. 080727: sexy aliens, webcomic beacon, phone, storm, dinosaur comics, a softer world, the onion movie, lost hours
  28. 080728: fucked up order, philip pullman's once upon a time in the north, bad anime, dream, ice cream, wart, work, iPhone
  29. 080729: christmas soon, google, terry pratchett, watermelon, ukulele, rush hour 3, grill, oliver, ander super power, tesla coil
  30. 080730: montage, pokemon theme, fredrik reinfeldt, stalagmites, haha silly birds, the government, wikipedia, korea war coverup,
  31. 080731: fly-hunting, scan, sleep, room, dream, pee tent, FU ALL, raining in, max, calle texts, eclipse, live music, we didn't go, tea
  32. 090101: filming fireworks, anders, bread-sticks, bull-yong, after eight's, singing in the rain, essay, hot fuzz editing, springtime for hitler, public tv, niklas,
  33. 090201: hourly comic day, anders fail, spam, ukulele, confetti, frank the rabbit, back to the future, boxing match, box-off, imaginary girlfriend, horror films, meyer, swedish comedy, pat cassels, webcomic beacon, tea, trust tablet, filming sketch
  34. 090301: uppsala, drunken party-times, good music, hamburger place, and miles to go before i sleep, train station, niklas, rättvik, hung over, explosions in the sky, css, being human, dollhouse, angst
  35. 090401: april fool's awesome planet, tired, documentary filmmaking, raed, jimmy & jimmy, cameras, boom microphone, interviewing mother, reading spam out loud, creative commons, calle, dragonball movie, notes, debate-show
  36. 090501: missed hour, glum buster, filming screen, dishwasher part two, freaks & geaks, zefrank, martin, work, fruit soda, pirates of the caribbean theme, 5 second project, lined paper, lie to me, code, tea
  37. 090601: FAIL DAY, good morning, practice driving, breaking bad finale, daft punk around the world, remixing, new chair, sally lockheart, 9-panel hourly comic
  38. 090701: spike, torchwood, intro, frankenstein remix, thunder, fight club, practice driving, stumsnäs, anders, howl's moving castle, jonathan strange & mr norrell, coraline
  39. 090702: moth-hunting, a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversable, friends intro, depressing comment, i wanna dip my balls in it, practice driving, ansgar, anders light saber, apathy adventures, little miss sunshine, jonathan strange & mr norrell, too hot for tea NOT
  40. 090703: apathy and anger, limbo punchline doubts, torchwood, jenny everywhere, comments, spam, grand parents, dinner talk, awesome planet, erik's room, calle & anders episode, thrown into pool, splash
  41. 090704: uk the office, awesome planet, shout out louds, lisztomania, dream, ice tea, ccmixter, aaron diaz'z hob, practice driving, star wars fail, fly in mouth, italian crime
  42. 090705: pen & teller's bullshit, calle & anders the battle, eyes, dream, burn out, illegal, grill-off, tea, kings, ice tea, true blood, anders, horrible soft drink, zipper, superbad, 100 km/h
  43. 090706: lettering, scanning, awesome planet, living dead in dallas, dream, ads, monkey island, justice, midi, mattias, work, tower, free cake, air conditioner, calle, anders, games, space invaders
  44. 090707: funtimeinternet, torchwood remix, 5 second films, dream, art student, webdesign, practice driving, camping, backlund's B&B, halo, gravity hammer, true blood, swedish
  45. 090708: scanning, mr coconut, digg reel, dream, shower, shave
  46. 090709: dishes, calle and anders, club dead, dr horrible, joss whedon, jonathan coulton, throat, transformers 2
  47. 090710: mystery water, eddie izzard, monkey island, feel like crap, a cross the universe, cooking, true blood
  48. 090711: nazi, tally hall, dead to the world, sick, microbike, tally hall, filming, green screen, rendering
  49. 090712: tv screens, game boy, daily vidoes, ryan murphy, popcorn, epic chess, fido, hello asshole i'm from the future, doctor who
  50. 090713: red riding, spaced, editing bass, chasey lain, beechams, stew and pasta, glasses, work, race-tracks
  51. 090714: spder, watchmen, kings, bass, rehearsal, hello panda
  52. 090715:
  53. 090716:
  54. 090717:
  55. 090718:
  56. 090719:
  57. 090720:
  58. 090721:
  59. 090722:
  60. 090723:
  61. 090724:
  62. 090725:
  63. 090726:
  64. 090727:
  65. 090728:
  66. 090729:
  67. 090730: haiku fail, i miss being a dinosaur, brush, yawn, the office uk, twilight, editing, david brent or basil fawlty
  68. 090731: the l word, ryan north, change sheets, inger needs to worry, walk, judas, anders, obama assasination bet, a gentleman's agreement, calle, hitler hailing,
  69. 090801: inger hair troll, internet explorer, dream, the office christmas special, jane austen's pride and prejudice, driving practice, trentemoller, daily videos, the l word,
  70. 090901: school, early, shower, beard growing competition, jane austen's emma, twilight, what is film, vacuum of sound, smoke, pelle, that's what she said, binder, bus
  71. 091001: school, early, no clock, happy busdriver, sina, joe, hannes, script writing, tragedy, godard's breathless, bus, art and story, bbc's merlin, tales of monkey island, old kid's shows
  72. 091101: ukulele, hey boy, teeth, inger stuck in berlin, xylophone, art talk, calle & anders, swine fever, south park hd, road movie to berlin
  73. 091201: school, early, dark, carl sagan's contact, horror films, låt den rätte komma in, twilight, yrsa, tea, tinsc there is no santa claus, depressed, everything is terrible
  74. 100101: new years, new style, drunk, suit up, suit down, the awesome club, carl sagan's cosmos, dream, hannes, SNES, super nintendo, tetris, beethoven, wizard of oz,, my immortal, what the hell are you doing you motherfuckers, chicken, walk, writing, hair looks awesome
  75. 100201: crybaby, voice actors, anime, hai, adspace, dreamweaver, lamenting, a tale of two cities and poop, text, doing it wrong, bacon, finishing mass effect
  76. 100301: depression, pretentious, bicycle theives, songwriter, opera singer, goon show awesome planet style, apathy adventures style
  77. 100401: early morning, tired, tv-studio, star wars, south park, brother from another mother yo, april fools, bank, ukulele, bad touch, the last empire
  78. 100601: remix, hip hop, crap, mystery team, 80's walruss, who is ken gilcrest, dream, dexter, gatekeeper, keymaster, terry pratchett, going postal, jeff, coupling, tv-history, boring, exam, admitting crimes, photography, schoolwork, noodles, ukulele time
  79. 100701: arcade fire, dalhalla, quarry, daybreakers, harry potter, jim & them, mountain dew, voice acting, samples, infestation, karate kid
  80. 100702: bug, john bolton, dream, drown, vme, scanner, bike, toronto, apocalypse, deep
  81. 100703: ukulele, russell t davis, dream, allergies, depression, view, justice, 4chan
  82. 100704: bugs, lost, owl city
  83. 100705: insain, dream, twang, dog, pope, bike, game, allergy
  84. 100706: why, the office, dream, sneezy, dumb, up in the air
  85. 100707: 90's, 3D, consuming, writing, derivative, hip hop, ice cream, shower curtain
  86. 100708:, twitter rap, iakob
  87. 100709: watermelon, rap, facebook, recording
  88. 100710: star wars pick up lines, phone salesman, death glare, rome, bacon party, doctor who
  89. 100711: mosquitos, machinarium, rain, bass
  90. 100712: depressed, eat the pain away, xena, deconstruction, poop, machinarium, work, cake
  91. 100713: meta, deconstruction, thunder, head ache, gaming blog, machinarium, depression
  92. 100714: bitter, hacking, mora, anders zorn, orsa yran, 99 problems, twilight, tamburine
  93. 100715: fanta, writing, true blood, naked, brian is old, machinarium
  94. 100716: collegehumor, wordpress, monkey island, retro hipster cunt, dream, bike grizini, rpg, black smurf
  95. 100717: matrix, residuel self image, johnny mnemonic
  96. 100718: graveyard book, language, youtube comments, ander's shaved monobrow, roleplaying, rpg, teaparty, mad hatter
  97. 100719: patterns, xena, introspection, work, horses, kurt, soda cans
  98. 100720: old school reporter meme, wasting time, life in a day, out-gay emil
  99. 100721: lost, miley cyrus, dream, strip club, boat, zena, max, nasty old people
  100. 100722: xena, wonderful shit, tamburine, monkey island, wind power plants, wind, 1 bit music
  101. 100723: arm, very potter sequel, spoon, blood, facebook group
  102. 100724: life in a day, hybris, ben folds, owl city, dream, cooking, throwing up, food poisoning
  103. 100725: introspection, writing, self-reference, twitter, sunset blvd, creativity, masturbation
  104. 100726: pop music, repeating verse, spelling, sick, shaking, delirious, messed up sense of time, true blood, steven moffat's sherlock, story, bad ending
  105. 100727: shaun of the dead, cough, drugs, ender's game, the best, how is this real how am i controlling these (arms), shower, baby stroller in empty field, not a dream, beard up, death, inadequacy
  106. 100728: sick, tea, reading, ender's game, voice, dead bug part two, calle, time talk, lazerdance pants, we're here we're queer disco, language, swedish, english, 1920's slang, gaming blog, poop article
  107. 100729: tea or gtfo, storytelling podcast, rendezvous with rama, sick, shakey, shave, cough, antiques roadshow, WWII, bombs, poop on my floor, dog
  108. 100730: consuming, tron soundtrack, writing dumb things oh yeaah, hogwarts, coughing, shrooms guy, jefferson street incident, i love you but this is gonna die though, all the meat i've eaten i forgive myself, bad films
  109. 100731: legend of koizumi, expired medicine, self pwn, zing, spoiled, internet radio, podcast, can't stop dancing, bad storytelling, hannah montana, get the band back together, ukulele xylophone
  110. 100901: typical, being awake, about a boy, talent competition, napoleon dynamite, titanic, zero reasons to be awake, tobbe, blair witch comedy, buffy essay, pokemon rap, serious about being silly, facebook pictures, who are these people, lyrics, oil spill and the sea, leukemia and cancer, western, dog, equalizer, oh god
  111. 101001: rap, jim and them, iron man 2, work, inger, don't write that, god damn horse racing, film
  112. 101101: not shaving, beard, reverb voice, bus card, school, tv-studio, emelie, hourly comic audiobook, stig bergling, sara, high five, dream, looping memories, stumbleupon, inger, recycle sign
  113. 101201: scott pilgrim, tobbe, thea, folk music collective, meetings, mashups, filmmaking, emelie, sweep glass, narcissism, angus, phone, lemon demon, back troubles, laptop
  114. 110101: new years, drunk as fuck, hungover as fuck, fab 5, legend of the seeker, driving, uppsala
  115. 110201: dark shit, depression, annoying kids, un-ironic applause, conversation analysis, pelle, transcription, fake-punching, bus
  116. 110301: starts out meta wow that's never a good thing, comedy is mashup-based, dick-bag, donkey kong/eminem, teeth, dream, shot a guy in the chest, emmerdale, phone number t-shirt, a cold, do you remember that time in moscow, apathy, previz, making bad electronic music, firefox, 32 tabs, making is escaping, tmbg, man it's so loud in here
  117. 110401: parental support, hate it or love it the underdog's on top, editing, recycle art, april fool's jokes, cock-rock documentary, blocking doors
  118. 110501: absinth, starship
  119. 110601: popcorn, salt, home test, misery, stop trying to have fun, dream, beer, waiting for bus, late bus, car on fire, drinking beer in park with friends, hipster daycare, drinking problem
  120. 110701: spoiler alert: old boy, erase memory, throw up, explode, puns, t-shirts, online, bon iver, flume, piano, forum, youtube compression, santa claus, foley artist, nazi!harry, harry potter
  121. 110702: spirit animals, hyena, fried chicken, calle in the army, leo, oliver's friend, beard talk, showering lying down, youtube transcription, making fun of the concept of being a family, elephant dream, james bond, midget, man with the golden gun
  122. 110703: james bond, midget, man with the golden gun, sexist tripe, transformers, dancing, tasteful, laura pearl, coconuts, dream, pollen, google, porn, drown,
  123. 110704: list, catty teenage girls, busted headphones, race tracks, work, giant foam d20 die, dice, technical difficulties, coldplay, emil, sad
  124. 110705: character designing, walking, heil honey i'm home, hitler sitcom, legs, bon iver, flume, waltz, laura pearl zombie girl, dog walk
  125. 110706: true blood, limit of love, pink floyd, bass, headphones, wolf-boy, 12 monkeys, monty python
  126. 110707: pooping, jonathan coulton, coloring, existential, transylvania, sneezing, beard, cleaning, church, bike, hard boiled
  127. 110708: steampunk wheelchair, pointless, warm, midget dream, gimmick, zombie nietzsche, ice cream for dinner, bon iver, gothic castle, stab story
  128. 110709: roleplaying, dragons and shit, the thing that makes me internet famous, roboting, swimming, swallow needle, expired food, experimental music, bagpipes. hanna, MST3K, racism
  129. 110710: MST3K, electro rock duo, pulp & spider, world's best hamburger, parallel universes, brain in a computer, old projects, new projects, the problem with bands
  130. 110711: listening to the past, pikatchu hoodie, burrows, blood and double-egon, gunnerkrigg court, trimming beard, stylish t-shirts, work, he's a pirate, i got a feeling, race tracks, ceremony
  131. 110712: fucking ridiculous weather, way too good dreams, torchwood, russel t davis, gunnerkrigg court, tmbg, inger glasses, lyrics, playing music with henke, the problem with bands p2
  132. 110713: packing, to-do-list, flowers in boots, youtube thumbnails, priority q, so fucking tired
  133. 110714: packing, driving, IKEA lunch, meatballs, airport, ryan air, england, stansted, filming, screaming babies on plane, angus, taxi, pub, primal scream, drunk comics
  134. 110715: robot dance kitchen, all access passes, i am an astronaut, festival spirit, yann tiersen, crocodile, everyone knows angus, bright eyes, latitude, what a british pub, bridge of sighs, car
  135. 110716: oliver, drinking, tmbg, they might be giants, dressing rooms, john f, seasick steve, led zeppelin, paolo nutini, chicken
  136. 110717: lock stock and two smoking barrels, hot cold shower, scala, wireless, the naked and famous, rain, taxi tip, generous, documentary about sweden, spaced, black books, britcom
  137. 110718: derren brown, drunk!oliver, porcelain, men, smallville, clark gable, cark kent, village of the year, death, angus, lcd soundsystem, sleigh bells, girl talk
  138. 110719: graveyard, skål, cheers, owles hall, everything is terrible
  139. 110722: grandparents, still got my music, anderssons' wifi, driving, this is not english, being fake, mass murder, norway is fucked, where are you brutus, et tu, harry potter films
  140. 110723: anders planets, solar system, back to the future, mfly, biff tannen, sining/screaming into a microphone, harry potter characters, sick again, script, swordfight, instant climax makes no sense, fish n chips, burp
  141. 110724: screenwriting, film titles, death & mascara, naked again, greatesc, to angry to eat, breaking bad, fish n chips, exploiting anders, the dumbest dumbass, loud music of mine hurts my head but helps my mind
  142. 110725: tobbe, skype, estland, croatia, ants, secret known only to me, rymdkarate, thinking, throwing up, calling, half mast, knight, sloppy writing
  143. 110726: facebook, friends with myself, tv plots, crisps, answer me, cardboard robots, breaking bad, true blood, ukulele, rånet, sit ups, caution: children
  144. 110727: rymdkarate, somewhere, smart people, juno, university of dalarna, dog licking back, brian hat, second hand, props, orsa yran, caravan, drumming, music shop
  145. 110728: t-shirt hole, klasskamrater music, writing rymdkarate, answer me, inger harassed, tai chi
  146. 110729: ratatat, social butterfly, writing, alternative music, RED footage, answer me, anders, radio show
  147. 110730: anders explains brokeback mountain, bad film, pretentious, anders' phone, stumsnäs, uncle ingmar, beer and crisps for breakfast, bike, people frying bacon in my kitchen, peanutbutter jelly & bacon sandwiches, michael bay
  148. 110731: fuck it, coffee, feet, song lyrics, i don't want to be alone
  149. 110901: more depressing dreams, sleep on bus, lcd soundsystem, ambient music, radio studio, the crying game, expensive bus cards, mashups, comments, classic anders moment, the ambassador, time lord, doctor who, the vatican, donnie darko sequel
  150. 111001: radio, tea, failure, muddy guitar, twilight, advertisement, storyboarding, roller blind, old testament, posters for film, mushrooms, smug, fashion show, podcast, hallå där, tobbe
  151. 111201: v for vendetta, can't eat more, sound effects, the office (uk), the office (us), boiler, accusatory, it's not about how i talk it's about how you listen, dark twitter, phone, ads, good night
  152. 120101: happy new year, thea, my back is killing me, depression, at least i have my fucking teeth, emil, kindred spirits, party, drinking, game, tobbe, hippies, the king is dead, chess, hemp, rain, singing, con, sms-ticket, grandparents, tired, filmmaking, kim possible, baby pictures
  153. 120201: always depressed, answer me EP, music blog, angry whisperings, the profet, woody allen, atmo film, intern, hate it or love it, absinthe, klasskamrater, subtitles, lost in translation, abra makabra, poor eyes, tinker tailor soldier spy
  154. 120301: bachelor's degree, cartoon werewolves, final project, screenplay, script, beard trimmer, evil monologue, disney dream, homophobia, gay, notebooks, deadlines, reflectors (reflexer), dog food now, miike snow, animal, art/trash, tre vänner, worried
  155. 120401: drunk comics, norway, wine, ghostbusters, tobbe, thea, grand hotel, stairs, classic hangover, hungover, söndagsmusik, game of thrones, writing, scholarship, LA
  156. 120501: drunk comics again, absinthe again, breaking bad, hung over, 10 points, do nothing, smell, brush my teeth, bus, stockholm, laptop, joe, cereal, game of thrones
  157. 120601: absinthe flashbacks, uncomfortable shoes, baluba, internship, anna, tablet, rain, umbrella, voice over job, harry potter, my immortal, lex, elin, free tickets, raindrops, fredrik h, tapio, company party, springtime for hitler, monica, guest comic, buttons, drunk comics AGAIN
  158. 120701: facebook chat, rendering, ideas, projects, light bulb, dream, driving, styckmördad, den objudna gästen, cpr, brian, jonathan burrows, julia philip, comic, everything i do is wrong
  159. 120801: playlisp gig, car rental, spam, hastings, pin number, skyrim shouts, fus, america trip, nervous, duck and cover, we already drank everything, birmingham, america map
  160. 120901: back from the usa, austin, macbook, jim and them, roadtrip, atlanta, texas girls, massage, tense, holiday snaps, jacob borshard, little homie in my tummy, webcam, reasons not to become an alcoholic
  161. 121001: schedule, south park, american football, editing podcast, funny racists, africa wisdom, african pride, documentary, interviews, treatment, twigs, jaws theme, idiotsamhälle, animation, mashup samples
  162. 121101: so old, jim and them, jerking off, historic, phone alarm, dream, under water, work, writing, earliest human migrations, cambridge, indian food, shitty movie, game of thrones
  163. 121201: boardwalk empire, downton abbey, crossover, cocoa, ukulele, moldy lemon, gin and tonic
  164. 130101: flying lantern, insulting anders, guestcomics, dancing, tattoo, finland, teaching, dream, wizard of oz, inbetweeners, boardwalk empire, podcast
  165. 130201: mumblings, focus, productive, tea, party, kickstarter, panic, hamburgers, rap music, future jakob, quiz show, role playing games, rpg
  166. 130301: coding, webdesign, gilmore girls, lorelai, tea at night, up late, dream, art gallery, screaming, moving wood, flea market, doing not great
  167. 130401: drunk, rapping, best or worst thing, straight to svt, hung over, game of thrones, hitler freestyle, oliver
  168. 130501: valborg, gluttony, smoke, anxiety, the definition of insanity, dog, generally disgusting creature, vikings, luck, market, norwegian, hufflepuff porn
  169. 130601: statistics, dentist, floss, thunder, dog, radio, danish, fasting, packing, moving to stockholm, not a lot popping off in leksand, radio theatre
  170. 130701: stockholm, julia, blacksmith, haircut, real housewives of atlanta, funeral parlor, job applications, doctor who, aristocats, veronica mars, whose line
  171. 130801: drinking, grandchildren, looking old, crossbows, classic car week, hbo's girls, cars by pixar, alan rickman, norma lin, dark angel
  172. 130901: children, hot cold, clong, emmerdale, fuck it
  173. 131001: breaking bad finale, breaking bad insider podcast, tea, globalization, sunlight, operation, writing
  174. 131101: mad men, smoking, game of thrones, reading on a phone, an invocation for beginnings, work, race tracks, graveyard, rjd2, filters
  175. 131201: blue pen, wood, telltale games, the wolf among us, dream, a glass of something, friday, writing, podcast, human after all
  176. 140101: drunk comics, phone numbers, mürztokk, gig, band, podcasts, bridget jones' diary, iron man, wizard of oz, penguins, cake, breaking bad, fröken fridmans krig
  177. 140201: snow, turkey, vacation, phone tag, internet service provider, support, reading a book, cirkeln, normal socks, let's play mass effect 2
  178. 140301: house music, so much acid, lyrics, what a relief, second hand pots, radio shadows, bunker, stairs, the o.c., the present, presence, breaking bad, vikings, wikings
  179. 140401: watching buffy, hush, writing, youtube, vrr vrr vrr, harddrive noise, macbook, this egg, dreams, i'm gonna die, decaying, new phone, tap tap tap
  180. 140501: vikings, drink more, the hobbit movies, rick and morty, dreams, anders, protests, c-vitamin, macbook clicking, lyrics, potatoes, breaking bad
  181. 140601: double agent, bad fanfiction, game of thrones, shell, wakka, brick squad, instagram, script, recording, radio theatre, directing, tomorrows, rotting
  182. 140701: depression, abstract, abstract depression, bacon, tibble transsibiriska, tobbe, selfie portrait, bzzz, the fly, ideas, anders guest comic, schedule
  183. 140801: kraftwerk, chapters, finding carter, bad machinery, much ado about nothing, joss whedon, rain, problems, grandmother, script, translation, style
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