My Name is Jakob Burrows

...and I'm a writer, translator and media-making-person from Dalarna, Sweden. I work as a photographer and editor and make Swedish/English translations of screenplays, websites, museum texts, press releases, etc. Previous and current clients include Vasaloppet, Svensk Travsport, Sony Pictures Television, HOB AB, SE Film, Baluba, Jim and Them, the Sixten Jernberg Museum, and others. Get in touch if you are interested in working with me:

My main website is, where I have been publishing videos, comics and music since early 2008. I also make audiovisual remix art under the name of PLAYLISP, and you'll find all that stuff collected at

Below is a showreel with glimpses from some of my personal video projects, and below that are links to a few of the things I've made over the years. You can also find me on various other corners on the internet: facebook, twitter, instagram, bandcamp, youtube, tumblr, soundcloud.

17 minute comedy about a couple of slackers who find a corpse on their couch.

Experimental music video, making the most of simple tricks and storytelling.

9 minute drama where an old classmate comes to visit Thea in her hospital bed.

Watching Me Watching You; a video art project on two interactive screens.

A high school adventure comic about a party in the woods that gets slightly out of hand.

Comics about looking for colour in a black and white world. And other nonsense.

Comedy podcast hosted with Anders Backlund. New episodes every Friday.

Comedy podcast where terrible fanfiction becomes terribly entertaining radio.

break it / fix it (2014)

answer me (2012)

this is a beat now (2013)

this is a beat 2 (2015)