PLAYLISP is a remix artist from from Dalarna, Sweden. He mostly produces mashups and rap music and likes to work with both audio and video to bring together combative elements in hopes of creating something new in the collision. He mixes songs that were never ever meant to be put together, and somehow it works and it makes people dance.

In some circles PLAYLISP is also known as Jakob Burrows, and apart from his music he is the filmmaker and comic-book artist behind the website For consistent updates on his projects you might want to hang around the awesomepedia start-page, subscribe to the rss feed, or check out the blog. All of PLAYLISP's music is availible for free here on this site or through his soundcloud / bandcamp.




  1. But I Said (The Jackson 5, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse, Kid Cudi, Chad Vangaalen)
  2. Bigger Than (The Jackson 5, Wale, Sleigh Bells, Lil Wayne, Phoenix, Dead Prez, Peter Bjorn and John)
  3. Nyan Nyan In Da Club (Nyan Cat VS Everyone)
  4. Beatles VS Justice (Glitch Experiment)
  5. All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)
  6. 2 Eyes 2 Ears (whole album)
  7. What is a mashup?

This Is A Beat Now

10 track rap mixtape - released 21 nov 2013
listen / download

This is the first hip hop release from rapper / remix artist PLAYLISP, coming at you from deep in the woods of Sweden. Ten raps with beats crafted from ten favourite tracks, most often tracks that were never meant to be rapped over. The awesome cover is by Anders Backlund.

  1. i made a rap song (mungo jerry)
  2. it may be a remix (cypress hill)
  3. justice flow (justice)
  4. reverb (the knife)
  5. joke train (pete rock / piebald)
  6. country roads (john denver)
  7. radio rap battle (flume)
  8. f a gangstas (lcd soundsystem)
  9. hitler freestyle (acoustic)
  10. note to self (arctic monkeys)

2 Eyes 2 Ears

11 track mashup album - released 26 jun 2011
listen / download / watch

2 Eyes 2 Ears is an audiovisual mashup where dozens of music videos are set against one other to do musical battle for our amusement. It premiered as a video installation at the show Recycle Art in Falun in April 2011, and is now availible in both it's original audiovisual version and as an audio download.

With thanks to OPM, Beyoncé, Eminem, Ben Folds, Grease, Outcast, Ramones, Super Mario, Dexter, Lil Wayne, Journey, Dead or Alive, David Hasselhoff, Black Eyed Peas, Scroobius Pip, Familjen, The Jungle Book, Nate Dogg, Gwen Stefani, MGMT, Ludacris, Antoine Dodson, Fever Ray, Drake, Bobby McFerrin, Passion Pit, Lady Gaga, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Teddybears STHLM, Ice Cube, Kelis, and Maskinen.


  1. 2012 October 27th @Dalarnas Museum
  2. 2012 February 10th @Private Party
  3. 2011 October 29th @Dalarnas Museum (part one)
  4. 2011 October 29th @Dalarnas Museum (part two)
  5. 2011 April 9th @Magasinet


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Here's an interview with PLAYLISP on Swedish Radio.