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10 track rap mixtape - released 21 nov 2013

This is the first hip hop release from rapper / remix artist PLAYLISP, coming at you from deep in the woods of Sweden. Ten raps with beats crafted from ten favourite tracks, most often tracks that were never meant to be rapped over. The awesome cover is by Anders Backlund.

  1. i made a rap song (mungo jerry)
  2. it may be a remix (cypress hill)
  3. justice flow (justice)
  4. reverb (the knife)
  5. joke train (pete rock / piebald)
  6. country roads (john denver)
  7. radio rap battle (flume)
  8. f a gangstas (lcd soundsystem)
  9. hitler freestyle (acoustic)
  10. note to self (arctic monkeys)

Track 3 contains a reference to every Justice song on their first two albums - and Audio, Video, Disco. Track 5 is all about the Jim and Them podcast and it's full of inside jokes and references that you would enjoy if you were on the inside. Track 7 contains a rap battle between me and Dennis Kullberg - my flow starts at 01:25. Tracks 8 and 9 feature the Amazing Horsebat!

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