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Den Objudna Gästen

This is a short film I directed late last year. The title translates as "The Uninvited Guest" and it's a comedy about a couple of slackers who wake up after a party to find a corpse on their couch. This film has a lot of idiots, absurdity, drinking, and Guitar Hero, with a side order of murder mystery. It's in Swedish but I spent half the morning adding English subtitles, so no excuses.

Making this was a lot of fun, and I'm very grateful to the amazing cast and crew! Bonus-material for this short film include the trailer and this podcast episode (Swedish) where we talk about the making of the film.

Various shout-outs: Fredrik, who plays Elias, is a talented musician who also made some original music for the film. Hannes, who plays Liam, made a video that went viral about a week after filming this. Needless to say, he now lives in a mansion and smokes money-cigars (cigars made out of money) all day. Henrik has the most raw comedic talent of anyone I've ever worked with - check out his showreel! Frida, a.k.a. Cornelia, has a passion for illustration and design, and you can find some of her work on her blog.

And as always there is Jonathan, who wrote, shot and produced this. Here's his website - he may not know shit about webdesign, but he's sure good at making them movies.

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- July 4th 2012

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