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Apathy Adventures


As we all know, any comic gets better when you explain the joke:

Today YouTube implemented some changes that make everything harder for video creators who have yet to reach a wide audience. YouTube has recently had a lot of problems with what I'm sure they consider their "top tier" creators and instead of dealing with that, and dealing with how their flawed algorithm encourages the creation of despicable content, they've decided to stomp down smaller creators. They looked at the grassroots of their platform, the foundation they stand on, and decided to rip those grassroots out. Cool.

My main channel got lucky (this time) but if you enjoy stuff I make please consider subscribing to Daydreamers Film which hosts the short films made by me and my friends. Here's a comedy we made! (It has subtitles!)

Also hey I made a comic, that's cool. Been a while.

Wednesday, January 17th 2018