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What's Up With Norma Lin

What's Up With Norma Lin is a 32-page adventure comic about a party in the woods that gets out of hand. It was originally posted as part of Apathy Adventures (see below) but it now has its own home as it's a fully separate story. The main characters are Will, who doesn't know how to talk to girls, Alex, who isn't a hero, and Norma Lin who, well... no one really knows what's up with Norma Lin!

Apathy Adventures

Apathy Adventures is a webcomic I started in April 2008, consisting of slice of life comics with surreal elements and magical realism. There are comics where I hang out with Loki, Jesus and other mythological figures. Thorugh Apathy Adventures I developed my own way of telling short stories, starting with stick figures and growing from there.

Hourly comics

Hourly comics take journal comics to their monotonous extreme. You make a quick autobiographical comic every hour, about that hour. They were invented by John Campbell. Inspired by him, I made hourly comics in July 2008-2011, plus the first day of every month until 2015. This makes for a total of 189 days - about 3,000 tiny little stories about my life.