Awesomepedia! Video! Fanfiction Reading: Alan Rickman/Legolas!

Fanfiction Reading: Alan Rickman/Legolas

For this video I've taken the audio from episode four of Library 34 and set it to the text of the fanfiction story that I am reading, which is called "The Ballroom at the Edge of the Universe." It is a short but brilliant fic that boggled my mind by being not Snape/Legolas or Alan Rickman/Orlando Bloom - instead it takes the path less travelled by having Alan Rickman (the actor) meet and screw Legolas (the elf).

Story summary: "There is a strange and shimmering ballroom in some space/time allows for all manner of unusual introductions...say Legolas and Alan Rickman (who has his own space time issues like he was born in the Victorian era and may return to his own planet)...but we digress. of couse he finds Legolas stunning and the feeling is retruned as they dance try to puzzle things out ponder wizards and they sneek of to sometining not intirely quite unlike the Room of Requirement..but some things remain consealed."

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- June 10th 2016

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