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I've Got A Westworld Theory

This ukulele song is about Westworld theories! Reddit has theories on Arnold, Bernard, Dolores, William, The Man in Black... It was too much! This song is my allergic reaction! I first played it on the Westworld episode 6 discussion on my TV podcast Shows What You Know, but the lyrics are all speculation and NO SPOILERS. This video is getting some love over on reddit, so this is probably a great time to subscribe to my youtube channel so you can say you did it before it was cool.

Wow I just realized I haven't promoted Shows What You Know at all here on the site, just on the Facebook group, Twitter, etc. Yeah I'm doing a TV podcast, in case you didn't know, and there's a LOT of episodes about Westworld. Also my other podcast Hello There is not showing up on the start page either at the moment, but there are new episodes on Fridays over at!

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- November 16th 2016

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