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Apathy Adventures


Did you know that here in Sweden you can compliment someone's cooking by saying that the food is shit-tasty? This is perfectly respectable. If you're at the Nobel Prize reception dinner and you happen to sit next to Carl XVI Gustaf and he asks you what you think of the meal, you might say that it is "shit-tasty, your majesty" and he will delightedly agree.

Of course, twenty years ago, the king would have been extremely offended, and my point is that while I used to try to avoid saying things like "oh my god!" (because I think religion is silly), I now understand that language evolves, and "oh my god!" has evolved from being outmoded undeserved reverence into a synonym for "oh-my-fucking-fuck-WHAT THE-FUCK-ASS-FUCK!!" which is much more useful.

Also: using "Satan!" as a curse-word is common here in Sweden, but I don't think it's as popular internationally?

Tuesday, October 7th 2008