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During my university years I made singer-songwriter music about fantastical topics like monsters, demons, robots and love. If you dig around you can find a plethora of music videos to go along with these songs, and a collection of tunes released as an EP. While Feet wasn't my favourite song, it's definitely my favourite music video.

At the time I was studying video graphics and I had the idea of motion tracking a frame and trying to tell a tiny story over the course of the song. Feet is an expression of enthusiasm for the unknown, and about understanding nothing yet seeing meanings in everything. The recording is a bit sloppy but I always felt the song worked best with this unbridled enthusiasm, like it's almost breaking apart. The song features my friends Thea, Simon and Tobbe, two of whom you'll also see in the video (in the frame).

If you'd like to check out some more of my music, the EP is available through my bandcamp.

Video published August, 2011